Over the past year or so, I have grown increasingly concerned about global warming and the environment.  A passing interest evolved into a powerful premonition that my failure to fully engage now might one day be looked back upon by my children with disdain.

I started by reading voraciously.  Everything, including the doubters. Plus, I had the good fortune of meeting a couple of really smart science types — Cal Tech & JPL folks — with whom to consult.  The reality, gravity and finally path to mitigation became clear.

While the world may not be crying out for another shrill blog about climate, a different motive informs this one.  As I explored the topic, I found my email and social feeds EXPLODING with a dizzying array of frantic solicitations for funds, activism, petitions, marches and so on.  Each of the countless well-intended groups had a slightly different mission and I struggled to keep them all straight.  Plus, the news cycle overwhelmed me with additional information, often too complicated to fully understand without spending significant time “studying” it.  Even in semi retirement with more time than most to sort through it all, I got to where I couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

That’s when I decided to try to provide a FAST, weekly summary of the most important news, resources and suggestions related to combating global warming.  In short, I’ll spend my time curating a path to climate understanding and engagement for those of you who are concerned, but may be too busy to wade into the complexities of this profoundly important challenge.  Not intended for experts, the material here will comprise a color-by-number primer for those worried about climate change, but who are at a loss for time, scientific foundation or a concrete sense of how to engage.  I encourage you to forward this to anyone who fits that description.

In furtherance of that mission, this will be the longest post you ever see on this blog.

Take ten minutes today to save the planet for tomorrow.

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