Ten minutes.  That’s all it takes here at “Forest for the Trees” to remain engaged about — and begin to contribute to — addressing global warming.

What is the Citizens’ Climate Lobby?

One resource you may want to poke around in if/when you have a bit more time…

Okay, this site is a very dense, but it’s extremely comprehensive.  The thermometer on the left side of the homepage lists scores of common climate denial myths.  Click on one — I guarantee you will learn something valuable.   You may even want to bookmark the site as a resource because virtually every question you will ever have about climate change is answered in great detail somewhere on it.  Plus, you can toggle between a beginner (er, that would be me), intermediate and advanced explanations of many of the topics.


One really easy thing you can do today to make a tangible contribution…

This may seem silly…or irrelevant, but we’re looking for quick wins easily accomplished.  So pick a room in your house, particularly one in which the lights are often on (like the kitchen or a heavily trafficked family room).  Take stock of all the light bulbs in that room.  Next time you shop, buy LED bulbs to replace every one.   Next week, do the same in a second room and continue until your entire house is illuminated by LED.  LED bulb last longer and use up to 80% less electricity than incandescent bulbs.

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