I was shocked to learn how long ago the earliest alerts about warming occurred.

Climate change due to green house gasses and human activity was first identified in the waning years of nineteenth century.  arrheniusAround 1896 a Swedish physicist named Svante Arrhenius (somewhere a rapper is very jealous about that name!) first theorized that a doubling of C02 in the atmosphere would likely increase earth’s temperature by 5-6 degrees Celsius.  During the 1970’s, scientists working — ironically — for Exon did exhaustive research that corroborated Arrhenius’ prediction.  Take a moment to read about it here.  Then let’s get busy and fix it.


One thing you can do today to make a tangible contribution.

Unless you’re already a vegetarian, there’s an easy win to be had by eating a little (or a lot) less red meat.  Turns out that like dads (according to my daughter), cows fart and belch remarkable amounts of methane.  Seriously.  It’s a big contributing factor to atmospheric warming.  But as it dissipates 25 times faster than C02, significant improvement can be realized much more quickly.

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