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President Trump signed an executive order putting 27 national monuments (places like the Giant Sequoia groves for example) up for review for possible size reduction.  Many fear this is all about fossil fuel companies jockeying for access to these lands.  They may be right.  But regardless of the underlying motive, I’m one who believes we should be preserving more — not less — of our natural treasures for the common good.

The period for public comment ends on July 7 so it is imperative that millions speak up in defense of our nation’s history of wisely protecting these irreplaceable, precious lands.  I implore you to take five minutes, CLICK THIS LINK and speak out.

After you’ve made your voice heard, PLEASE spread the word to anyone and everyone you can think of asking them to do the same.  Don’t sit on the sidelines…this is not a test.

Here’s a list of all the monuments being threatened.  




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