The bad news: We’re well past halfway there.

Once C02 is emitted into the atmosphere it takes thousands of years to dissipate.  So all the green house gasses released since the beginning of the industrial revolution are (kind of like my mother in law) still hanging around.  Climate scientists estimate a trillion tons of C02 to be a tipping point after which an increase in temperature of 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 F) will be at best a 50/50 proposition.  As this easy-to-understand article explains, we’re about halfway there and must act now to avert disaster.

Seven slides from Nat Geo that sum up the climate challenge in seconds

One easy thing you can do today to combat global warming.

Start running washing machines, dishwashers and other power-thirsty appliances during non-peak hours (depending on your utility company, usually after 8 or 9 pm).  For reasons with which I will not bore you here (I promised brevity and I shall deliver it), you not only save money but actually use less electricity.

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