hat_l_tnbI never thought I’d be this dialed in to legislative stuff.  But I never thought we’d be facing a climate crisis of this magnitude.  There’s a bill called AB 398 that will likely be voted on by the California state assembly TOMORROW that purports to help lower C02.  And I’ve no doubt that it is backed by the very good intentions of both our governor and very many legislators.

But here’s the thing.  In light of the environmentally dreadful posture that has contorted Washington, our best hope of climate leadership in this country is right here in California.  And AB 398 simply doesn’t go far enough.

A competing bill, SB 775 DOES provide the dynamic step forward that we need.  It’s not up for vote yet, but it’ll get there if we put the kibosh on AB 398.

Three minutes can make a difference.

I’ve always promised to keep it simple and quick here in Forest for the Trees.  So I won’t belabor all the reasons why I’m asking you to take three minutes to urge your representative to vote NO on AB 398 (though many of them can be found at this link if you are interested) so we can pursue SB 775 instead.

But I am earnestly asking you to drop a quick note TODAY to your reps by following THIS LINK.  Input your address and it’ll tell you who your assembly member and state senator are (if you ALREADY know, then you are a serious political wonk and I am in awe of you).  Click through to your reps’ pages and they’ll have easy “Contact” forms that will allow you to register your displeasure with AB 398 in favor of SB 775.

As always, I’ve tried to do the homework here so you don’t have to.  But for you gluttons for punishment, this link offers a much more detailed analysis of the matter (look to the “News” column at the right of the page).

Thanks for acting…it means the world to me.


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