cropped-sunshine-1Forty Eight Congresspeople Seem to Think So…

Climate change is proving to be a rare subject on which Republicans and Democrats are able to  join forces.  The Climate Solutions Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives now numbers 48 congressmen and women…24 from each side of the aisle.  The first Republican to sign on was the representative from the district in Southern Florida that includes Miami, the Everglades and Key West, where rising seas are posing very real problems already.  Still, it takes courage for any Republican to step out on an issue widely perceived as Kryptonite by many in their party.  A bit of information on the caucus here:

An odd couple maybe…but recommended reading for sure.

Former Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope and entrepreneur and former NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg collaborated on a fascinating book proposing a wide range of market driven measures to address the climate crisis.  ClimateofHope_HI-RES_3quarterbook-1I’ve read it and can assure you it is layperson friendly, requiring no special knowledge or background.   And for my money its non-dogmatic, business-oriented approach to the problem can make it much more palatable to folks who prefer practical proposals that won’t harm the economy over heartrending appeals — however well intended — on behalf of the Black-footed Ferret.

One easy thing you can do today to combat global warming.

Recycle.  It’s that simple.  Every time you recycle something instead of chuck it in the trash, you lighten your own carbon footprint just a tidge.  We’re looking for quick wins here…and this one is insanely easy.

And please share this with anyone you know who might be interested.








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