shutterstock_64649290-Converted.jpgIf you are fortunate enough to have money to invest in mutual or index funds, including IRAs, you may unwittingly be providing financial support for a host of institutions whose carbon-intensive business models contribute greatly to climate change.  One way to pressure those companies to move towards paradigms that take less of a toll on the environment is to avoid funds that hold those stocks in their portfolio and/or to shift at least some of your investing into “green” instruments.  Green Century, Earthfolio and a host of other “green funds” now offer a way to grow your money with a clearer conscience and several have performed on par with the very hot market over the past 18 months.  Of course, do your due diligence in understanding the fund’s performance, fees and loads.  As a guy who’s pretty tight with a buck (my family is chortling in the background!), I’m making incremental moves in this direction rather than a wholesale shift in strategy.

Aspiration Teams with Sierra Club to offer a Green Investing Alternative

Here’s a really interesting new company that offers two green funds…with a charitable element…and even lets YOU decide what fee they should receive!  I parked a couple of bucks with them…so far so good…I encourage you to check it out.

July was hot…and August hotter.

NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies announced that July, 2017 was tied with July, 2016 for the hottest on record.  Further, an article in Scientific American puts the odds of 2017 finishing up as one of the hottest three years in recorded history as greater than 57%.  Those calculations preceded an insanely hot August, so it would seem pretty certain that we’re in record-setting mode for the fourth consecutive year.  The law of averages would strain mightily to explain that…

One small thing you can do today…

Put at least a token amount of money into a green investment fund.  The more investors these funds attract, and money they control, the more attention they will get from the financial press.  Corporations with carbon intensive business models will take note…as investment inflows they might previously have captured go elsewhere.



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